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Winter preparations underway

Wonderful Sunday with temperatures over 5 deg C and sun from a clear sky. Four guys from the crew preparing for the coming season. Here is a status report about things going on in the project.

Installation of the load cell for the forestay

Just picked up the delivery of the custom made load cell pin from Diverse Yachts which will be responsible for measuring the load on the forestay in different situations. The pin is connected to the control box which sits on the NMEA2000 bus.

Quite easy to set up in spite of the minimalistic documentation. Worked out of the box.

A bit trickier to fit in the pin on the boat. Having some challenges how to install it in the bow, we will most likely have to disassemble the nose cone and unscrew the forestay assembly to be able to drill the necessary fix hole.

Another bothering thing is that we need to grind away 3 mm of the end ring (the bottom one that has a small hole) to fit in the new one.

Probably a full days work later on unless we come up with something....

New nav station

The mockup for the new navstation is progressing fine, here Per is testing the work position and which chair is best. Great work, next stop is Rosättra Varv who are picked out for production.

New instrumentation

Finally the Mast Bracket has arrived from the guys at Diverse Yachts, after some final grinding to fit in the instruments, holes are drilled and the bracket was also tried at the mast, will fit perfectly.

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